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Maxi 500 Floor Lift “Hoyer”

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Maxi 500 floor lifter (“Hoyer”) has been designed to help caregivers transfer dependent patients or residents in hospitals, nursing homes, home care environments or other assisted living centers.

  • Safe working load of 500 lb (227 kg).

  • Spreader bar is available in 2-point loop configuration, or Arjo 4-point manual dynamic positioning system (DPS).
  • Maxi 500 can be operated from the mast or with the hand control, enabling the caregiver to stay close to the patient while operating the lifter.
  • Easy to understand and simple to operate.
  • Integrating weighing into transfer procedures can eliminate an additional transfer to a fixed scale, which makes the routine easier for both patient and caregiver.
hoyer floor lift for rental
Maxi Twin Hoyer floor lift for rental

Maxi Twin Floor Lift “Hoyer”

The open design of Maxi Twin can enhance safe working practices for caregivers when transferring dependent patients or residents. (“Hoyer” lift rental or sales)

  • The twin-mast design distributes the weight evenly, and the large handholds enable caregivers to manoeuvre the lifter. The open mast design also allows for additional legroom for the patient.
  • The dual mast is designed to enable close, reassuring contact between caregiver and patient throughout the transfer.
  • Integrated with the spreader bar is a powered dynamic positioning system (PDPS) that helps in repositioning the patient in the sling, minimising manual handling.
  • Maxi Twin has been designed to be operated by a single caregiver.
  • Optional electronic scale enables the caregiver to weigh the patient while performing a transfer.

Maxi Move Floor Lift “Hoyer”

  • Stable vertical lifting action keeps the patient at a constant distance from the mast and in a stable position during lifting and transferring.
  • Integrated with the spreader bar is a powered dynamic positioning system (PDPS) that enables the patient to be repositioned in the sling, minimizing the need for manual handling.
  • Optional interchangeable spreader bars give caregivers a flexible system that also enables them to select from a comprehensive range of slings.
  • Dual action telescopic mast, which can be combined with an extended jib, offers a wide lifting range for lifting onto beds and from the floor.
  • Optional scale available, as well as three sizes of castors including extra-low to facilitate access under low couches and trolleys.
Hoyer Maxi Move floor lift for rental