Family Owned & Operated

Owner of Elevate Healthcare and Wellness, Daniel Hughes and his family

Owner & Founder of Elevate Healthcare & Wellness

Daniel Hughes

Daniel Hughes, the owner and founder of Elevate Health and Wellness, has been a part of the medical field for over 7 years and is currently an Emergency Medical Technician who is soon to become a paramedic. With his extensive experience, he understands the needs of people who require medical attention and knows how to take care of them.

Daniel’s father-in-law and mentor, Brandon O’Brien, who is also in the same industry, has taught him the skills necessary to deal with senior care issues related to bed sore prevention and healing, as well as patient handling systems for use in various settings such as the home, board and care, and nursing homes. They still work together to improve patient care.

Daniel is a man of high integrity who has always sought to improve himself while contributing to his community. He is professional, reliable, productive, and positive, and can service client-owned equipment, handle sales, installations, and marketing duties with ease.

Daniel is a family man who understands the importance of family. He is married to his beautiful wife Heather and has a cute Husky named Duke. If you need help for you or your family, don’t hesitate to call Daniel today.

Brandon O'Brien, colleague of Elevate Healthcare and Wellness

Business Colleague

Brandon O’Brien

Brandon O’Brien, is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and was one of the first Respiratory Care Practitioners credentialed in California. He worked in the acute care setting for over fifteen years before embarking on careers in the senior and disabled population regarding senior housing options and durable medical equipment.