Maxi Sky 2 Ceiling Lifts

Our complete range of Maxi Sky ceiling lifts are designed to integrate with your care environment, helping to ensure a safe, comfortable and dignified experience for everyone involved.

Our Maxi Sky 2 ceiling lift series delivers a complete and intuitive patient handling solution suitable for both long-term and acute care environments, assisting you in safeguarding the wellbeing of caregivers, patients and residents.

The ceiling lifts are installed, stored and operated so that a single caregiver can transfer patients or residents smoothly without any manual lifting, thereby helping to reduce the risk of injury for themselves and the person in their care.

Maxi Sky 2 Infection Control
To support an optimised ceiling lift cleaning and disinfection process, the Maxi Sky 2 Infection Control offers non-porous components: lifting strap, emergency cord and spreader bar.

Maxi Sky 2 Ceiling Lift
Maxi Sky 440 Ceiling Lift

Maxi Sky 440 Ceiling Lifts

Portable ceiling lift solution

Simple for the caregiver
The Maxi Sky 440 is an easy-to-operate portable ceiling lift system, which allows a single caregiver to perform transfers of patients, avoiding the stress and strain associated with manual lifting.

Flexibility to meet your care setting needs
Designed to be easy to move around and to quickly attach to a gantry or track, this portable ceiling lift can be set up wherever patient handling is required. Maxi Sky 440 and its integrated foldable two point spreader bar is also compatible with the large range of Arjo loop slings.

Easy Track FS

The Arjo Easytrack Free Standing Gantry is a free-standing, versatile home solution for all sorts of point-to-point transfers for an individual with mobility issues from a wheelchair to the bed, a bed to a wheelchair, or for use in the bathroom for toileting and bathing assistance. Both the free-standing gantry and the Max Sky 440 portable two-point sling cassette are designed to be strong and sturdy as well as portable for use in a home or to take on vacation or for an overnight stay. The gantry will adjust in both height and width enough for a king-size bed making this is ideal for individuals with limited mobility and age-related health conditions to stay at home in their own bed. This free-standing gantry is also ideal for people who rent their apartment or home and cannot make structural changes to the walls or ceiling.

Easy Track
Pressure Track

Pressure Fit and Wall Systems

Take back your mobility by bringing home this pressure-fit lift track system. The track’s three posts pivot to facilitate patient maneuverings in tight or narrow spaces.

  • Enriches assisted mobility for both patient and caregiver.
  • Grips the floor and ceiling to provide support without causing damage.
  • All pieces fit into a portable carry tote for simple transport.
  • Prevents potential caregiver accidents or injury.
  • Installation is simple and not time consuming.